Welcome to Water Fountain Mist. Our goal is to introduce you to the wide variety of indoor and outdoor fountains, waterfalls, and misting fountains for your home that are available online. Water fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. We will also be providing helpful information to assist you in purchasing the type of fountain you are looking for, and helpful information to keep your fountain working for years of enjoyment.

We have an excellant line of mist fountain replacement parts including: inline control mist maker foggers with 16 different combinations and rotations of the awesome LED lights, 20mm and 16mm ceramic discs, misting fogger sets with inline control misters, and high output AC adapters for great misting and humidifying. Replacement spashguards, lids, stands, underwater pumps, everything you need for any indoor mist fountain, or to create your own misting fountain with quality replacement parts.

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