Using Your Misting Fountain

Make sure the misting unit is placed in the center of the fountain bowl. There should be about 1-1/2 inches of water or more above the ceramic disc in the misting unit. The deeper the water is, the less mist there will be. The misting unit will automatically turn off when the water level is too low.

Always use clean water. When the water is dirty, change it out for clean water. Contaminates in the water will affect the misting device. Tap water with excessive minerals can cause build-up over time also, which will lead to decreased functionality. Make sure the power cord and transformer are connected, and that the transformer is plugged into the wall. Use the switch to turn the mist fountain on. A red light will indicate that the unit is running. You will see the lights working, and the mist
will slowly start to build up. It may take a few minutes for full mist output.

As an option, you can connect the fountain to a timer. This way your mist fountain will only run when you want it to. It is recommended that you don’t run it for more than 8 hours per day. The mist unit sends up small jets of water while in operation, and humidifies the air surrounding the fountain. Make sure you place your fountain in a place where moisture is not a problem.