Mist Maker Mist Fountain Troubleshooting Useful Tips

LED Lights do not work, but the misting does:

You will need to replace the Mist Maker Unit. These are available from us.

The unit is not misting, but the LED lights work:

First check the water level. Water must be above the water sensor, extending above the mist unit itself. If the water level is OK, the next step is to replace the ceramic disk in the base of the fogger. If you need additional disks, you may order them from us. Replacing the disk does not guarantee that your fountain will work. It is simply the least expensive step in problem solving.

If replacing the disk does not solve the problem then you will need to replace the mist maker unit.

Please Note:

Ceramic disks usually go bad very quickly from using to much aromatherapy oil, or from dirty water. Make sure your water is always clean, and you only use a few drops of aromatherapy oil per bowl of water (not per day), but per bowl of water. If the aroma from your oil is weakening replace all the water in the bowl before adding more aroma oil.