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Using Fragrance Oils in Misting Fountains

Using Fragrance Oil in Misting Fountains

Use an eyedropper to apply 2 to 3 drops of oil per bowl of water. Do not use 2 to 3 drops each day unless you change the water. When changing the water wipe the inside of the fountain with a clean dry soft clothe. Do not use abrasives on your fountain.

Misting Fountain Troubleshooting and Useful Tips

Misting Fountain Troubleshooting and Useful Tips

First check the water level. Water must be above the water sensor, extending above the mist unit itself. If the water level is OK, the next step is to replace the ceramic disk in the base of the fogger. If you need additional disks, you may order them from us. Replacing the disk does not guarantee that your fountain will work. It is simply the least expensive step in problem solving.

Ceramic Disk with Key Tool

Ceramic Disk Replacement

After operating the mist unit for some time, you may notice a decrease in the amount of mist produced, or it may stop working altogether. At that time, you should either clean or replace the ceramic disk.

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